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Happy Halloween

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Have a safe one, folks!

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Military Outsourcing - Horse Puckey we go again. OBL's reappearance on a videotape seems to have spun up the argument about the handling of military operations in Afghanistan...AGAIN!!! Before we get too crazy...OBL might still be dead. Digital videotape allows for smart people to do amazing things with previously recorded images and voiceovers are easy enough to incorporate. Don't you remember President Johnson talking to Forrest Gump?

Kerry seems to think that President Bush and his subordinate military commanders "outsourced" the job to indigenous forces completely! Despite the protestations of GEN (Retired) Tommy Franks, Kerry and Edwards continue to beat that tired old drum. Hopefully the still undecided voters are busy shopping for Halloween candy or costumes for the next few days and this will die yet another undignified death. Let's just hope that John Edwards doesn't "lay on his hands" and resurrect it.

Regarding outsourcing...what would you call it if the United States were to place its national security concerns in the hands of a world body like the United Nations? From what I gather, "The Johns" would have us do that. We would forever give up our ability to act unilaterally against a threat (real or perceived) unless we pass some sort of "Global Test." Military superpowers like Belize, Luxembourg, and dare I say France (sorry, tongue got caught in my cheek again) would be able to throw a block on us from acting in our best interests. I'm sorry, I have to say that when conducting military operations I'd much prefer to "play on the road." The "home court advantage" is much overated when it comes to this game, despite France's record of the last century. I just hope that they've kept the trees watered along the main streets in Paris...invaders don't like to march in the sun!

When you go into the voting booth on Tuesday...think about the greatness of this nation we live in. Think about all the stories that you've heard about people rising from poverty to greatness. Think about the question, would this have been possible in Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe (had Hitler been allowed to win) or even in the South Pacific if we had not stood up to Japanese aggression.

Sometimes being a leader forces you to make unpopular decisions...there's a delicate balancing act while sitting in the Oval Office, but you have to admit...that office will mean nothing if we lose our sovereignty and ability to serve as a force for good throughout the world. Talk to someone in a country we've liberated some time and ask them if they appreciate what we've done for might want to skip France though...they seem to always forget a kindness. (Cheese eating surrender monkeys!)

From the high ground!!!


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Good to be Home!

Well, it was good to get home last night...this is the longest I've been away since MajorBaby made her appearance last year! With all her new back teeth coming in, she's been giving MajorMom and MajorTeen some major sleepless nights. Hope I can prove to be some help. In any case, MajorBaby did take a break in her teething tirade to smile, hug and kiss me...then it was back to business as usual. In this case, consistency is in no way its own reward.

While it was tough to be away from home, I did get some pretty good training at Fort Belvoir. If you're a manager or a leader of any kind, you might want to take a look at a concept of "personality typing." We went through a couple of fascinating exercises that proved that the work of Keirsey, Jung and others is very accurate and predictable. If you're looking to learn a little bit more about it...check out the following links:

Keirsey Temperment and Character Web Site

Take an Online Test to Determine your Personality Type

After doing a little more research...guess what type I am and win an invitation to try out the new Google email system....Gmail!!!

From the high ground...


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Know Islam, No Peace

Okay...time to talk about losing my mind again. First...follow the link below to see the latest face of madness in our public schools.

Know Islam, No Peace

Come on back when you're done...

Okay, who else is absolutely repulsed, disgusted, and stupified by what they just read? I am all for being tolerant of religious practice...and even including information about the world's religions in school. History demands as much. Religion is a very important driving force in the development of mankind and is chiefly responsible for today's world situation. But somewhere we've lost our way. The thought of my child kneeling on a prayer rug and actually reading Islamic prayers is not just crossing a's demolishing it.

What is to be gained by having children follow the lead of their liberal-minded teachers and invoke Islamic prayer in school? Wouldn't it be just as easy to show them videos or even pictures from a Islamic service? Or to simply read and discuss the different practices for the major world religions?

I'm at a loss for words here...I simply don't know what to say other than I find this practice to be so over-the-top as to be actionable against districts that have indulged their liberal staffs in implementing this.

I'm open to comment on this one.

Puzzled on the high ground!


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Anyone Miss Me Yet???

Well, I know that the MajorFamily misses was so hard to listen to MajorBaby say "Da Da" last night on the phone. I miss the little spud and everyone else I left behind in Texas. The good news is...I'm that much closer to being home. See y'all Thursday night!

Next, I have to say that I'm not enjoying Northern Virginia very much at this time of year. I saw the sun for the first time since Monday yesterday. I guess that I really do miss it's very rare to have so many overcast, rainy and cold days back to back. I know that fall is well on its way in Texas, but it has a stranglehold here in the DC area for sure!

To the Boston Red Sox...keep up the good work. It's time you guys got to bring home all the glory. The curse appears to be well on the way to the grave with the Bambino!

As I've been busy with some studying...haven't kept up with the news as much as I anything I'd say would simply be ranting. There are enough people on here doing that as it is. I'll wait until I have something a little more pithy to say.

Be good...and check back here soon!

From the high ground (well, actually I'm at about sea level)...


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