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Military Outsourcing - Horse Puckey we go again. OBL's reappearance on a videotape seems to have spun up the argument about the handling of military operations in Afghanistan...AGAIN!!! Before we get too crazy...OBL might still be dead. Digital videotape allows for smart people to do amazing things with previously recorded images and voiceovers are easy enough to incorporate. Don't you remember President Johnson talking to Forrest Gump?

Kerry seems to think that President Bush and his subordinate military commanders "outsourced" the job to indigenous forces completely! Despite the protestations of GEN (Retired) Tommy Franks, Kerry and Edwards continue to beat that tired old drum. Hopefully the still undecided voters are busy shopping for Halloween candy or costumes for the next few days and this will die yet another undignified death. Let's just hope that John Edwards doesn't "lay on his hands" and resurrect it.

Regarding outsourcing...what would you call it if the United States were to place its national security concerns in the hands of a world body like the United Nations? From what I gather, "The Johns" would have us do that. We would forever give up our ability to act unilaterally against a threat (real or perceived) unless we pass some sort of "Global Test." Military superpowers like Belize, Luxembourg, and dare I say France (sorry, tongue got caught in my cheek again) would be able to throw a block on us from acting in our best interests. I'm sorry, I have to say that when conducting military operations I'd much prefer to "play on the road." The "home court advantage" is much overated when it comes to this game, despite France's record of the last century. I just hope that they've kept the trees watered along the main streets in Paris...invaders don't like to march in the sun!

When you go into the voting booth on Tuesday...think about the greatness of this nation we live in. Think about all the stories that you've heard about people rising from poverty to greatness. Think about the question, would this have been possible in Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe (had Hitler been allowed to win) or even in the South Pacific if we had not stood up to Japanese aggression.

Sometimes being a leader forces you to make unpopular decisions...there's a delicate balancing act while sitting in the Oval Office, but you have to admit...that office will mean nothing if we lose our sovereignty and ability to serve as a force for good throughout the world. Talk to someone in a country we've liberated some time and ask them if they appreciate what we've done for might want to skip France though...they seem to always forget a kindness. (Cheese eating surrender monkeys!)

From the high ground!!!


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At 8:02 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Yeah, ask the Koreans. It only took them 50 years to recover from our liberation of their country, and look at how great they are now! A nation literally divided, overpopulated, with our great Western gift of capitalism volatilely mixed with cutthroat competition. Well, then again, those in the south aren't really fully liberated, what with tens of thousands of American soldiers serving as insurance against invasion by their northern neighbors.


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