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Know Islam, No Peace

Okay...time to talk about losing my mind again. First...follow the link below to see the latest face of madness in our public schools.

Know Islam, No Peace

Come on back when you're done...

Okay, who else is absolutely repulsed, disgusted, and stupified by what they just read? I am all for being tolerant of religious practice...and even including information about the world's religions in school. History demands as much. Religion is a very important driving force in the development of mankind and is chiefly responsible for today's world situation. But somewhere we've lost our way. The thought of my child kneeling on a prayer rug and actually reading Islamic prayers is not just crossing a's demolishing it.

What is to be gained by having children follow the lead of their liberal-minded teachers and invoke Islamic prayer in school? Wouldn't it be just as easy to show them videos or even pictures from a Islamic service? Or to simply read and discuss the different practices for the major world religions?

I'm at a loss for words here...I simply don't know what to say other than I find this practice to be so over-the-top as to be actionable against districts that have indulged their liberal staffs in implementing this.

I'm open to comment on this one.

Puzzled on the high ground!


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At 10:53 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Whoa. I see what you mean. What an outrage! I'm sure glad I homeschooled my kids.

At 5:32 PM, Blogger StinKerr said...

I share the outrage. Where is the ACLU? Oh, nevermind. they have become the Anti Christisn Liberals Union these days, they'll probably promote this Islamic crap as a way of putting a finger in the eye of the other denominations.

I'm old enough to recall when prayer in school was outlawed. Not that we were getting much of that, but it was outlawed in case we were getting any unauthorized prayer. I recall at the time some wag observed that "as long as there are math tests there will be prayer in school."

I'm sure that the Herndon, VA school system won't be doing anything for Christmas or Hannukkah. What did they do for Easter and Passover? How about Yom Kippur?

[crickets chirp]

I thought so.

At 5:01 PM, Blogger the urban fox said...

Hmm. Do these schools actually demand non-Muslim kids say Muslim prayers? Or are they just trying to give kids a taste of what it's like to be someone else? That sort of approach can work wonders in removing racism and intolerance between religions.

The article's hysterical tone - the emotive word "brainwash", for example - and the way it wrongly calls Islam "the most dangerous and violent religion the world has ever known" shows how ignorant the writer is about Islam.

It may surprise people with this opinion to learn that Islam prohibits killing. Islam shares a geographical origin with Judaism and Christianity and the holy texts of all three overlap substantially. Muslims do not believe Jesus is the son of God, but they do call Jesus a prophet, as do Jews.

Calling all Muslims "our enemies" is precisely the sort of irresponsible, ill-informed nonsense which encourages Muslim countries to feel persecuted by America. Can you see where this endless spiral of mistrust and perceived victimhood (on both sides) can lead? Can you see where it HAS led?

To call all Muslims "enemies" is preposterous. Anyone who wishes to make a generalisation about "all Muslims" needs to do a lot of reading on Islam, visit a few mosques, talk to a lot of ordinary Muslims and then reassess their views. They'll learn that - shock! - Muslims have exactly the same values as Christians. The Qu'ran prohibits killing exactly as the Bible does, it preaches that people should love each other, and a million other overlaps.

When a white American terrorist blows up a building, nobody says "Those evil Christians are the biggest danger on the planet. We must destroy them and the countries they come from." Because that would be ridiculous. Right? They see the terrorist for what he or she is: a warped, desperate, violent individual who happens to be a white Christian.

If a terrorist is a Muslim, guess what? They don't speak for the entire religion either.

What damage will it do for a Christian child to learn about Ramadan? Would you be alarmed for the safety of a Muslim child learning about Easter?

When I was at school, the majority of the students were Christians. But we also had a few Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Buddhists and various other religions too. Our school allowed us to sample different cultures in a way that made us see that (a) different people aren't so different after all, and (b) other cultures are interesting, not threatening.

We made and ate Jewish latkes, we celebrated Hindu Diwali and Muslim Eid at the same time as our Bonfire Night, we read religious texts that were different from the ones we were brought up with. In other words, we participated in a comprehensive cultural exchange.

The result? Mutual respect and mutual understanding. Which is essentially: peace.

It's ignorance that leads to hysteria, fear or prejudice. No child is going to be indoctrinated into another religion just by being allowed to explore the different aspects or rituals of that religion. But they may grow up to be tolerant, intelligent, humanitarian adults. And that's got to be a good thing.

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course a rational-thinking Christian parent would be horrified to learn the schools were training their children to be terrorists by forcing strange and dangerous ideas on impressionable minds. That makes complete sense to me. I understand why you're upset.

But please don't tell me you believe this. That this biased, inflammatory, sensationalistic piece of psuedo-journalism is resonating within you as truth. That, perhaps, is the scariest thing of all.

I not going to convince you to change your opinion, and I respect your right to an opinion that may not match mine. And may I also add that there are tenents in Islam that I do not support or agree with, such as the Koran's attitude towards women. But it terrifies me immensely that we, the Western world, who preach open-mindedness and freedom of speech above all, are so naively hostile towards an entire group of people.

Islam, at its fundamental level, is about one thing: one person's relationship with their God. Everything around them - their relationships with their friends and family, their work, their lives - should be an extension of this singular committed relationship with their God. To hurt, betray, insult, or kill another person, for any reason, is to hurt, betray, insult or kill God. Mohammad, their prophet, speaks of tolerance, forgiveness, and gentle reflection when faced with conflict. Turning the other cheek is the most holy act of all.

But, like EVERY religion practiced on this planet in the history of man, including Christianity, it is interpretable, and suddenly the ramblings of a few danerous and psycopathic radicals defines the faith in the eyes of the world. Islam is suddenly a dirty word, dangerous, a threat to everything good.

The Islam we've seen practiced by bin Laden and Hussein is the equivalent of the Crusaders: people who use their beliefs to justify incomprehensibly inhumane actions. But much like we now recognize the Crusades as not being representative of the true nature of Christianity, it's time that we stop painting all Moslims with the bloodied brush of a few.

Oh, and for the record: this "jihad" everyone's talking about? the 99 black-eyed virgins promised to anyone who kills an infidel in the name of Islam? female circumcision? Not only doesn't any of it appear in the Koran, but Mohammad speaks out AGAINST it. Jihad is holy war, yes, but in much the same way as Judaism and Christianity defines it.

We were attacked because the attackers hate us. We attacked them back because we hate them. As the battles escalate, the lines blur: the few become representative of the many. Americans who, five years ago would've cheered for peace, now justify the deaths of 100,000 Iraqi people as insignificant collatoral damage in an important ethical war. Average Iraqi people turn insurgent and kill innocent humanitarian workers and mutilate the bodies of their enemies. Palestinians murder innocent Israelis because any Israeli death is a victory in a desperate war. Isrealis push buildings down on senior citizens and children because they are related to bombers.

It is no wonder that so many people are scared by and angry at Islam, much as it is no wonder that so many people associated the peaceful, family-oriented tenents of Christianity with extreme evangelistic ignorance and intolerance. Both miss the point of the faith entirely, and are extremely dangerous. My advice to both sides is to stop reading misguided crap like the article posted here immediately, and seek debate friends of every possible colour, size and shape.

Anonymous only because I don't have a blog,


At 4:09 PM, Blogger MajorDad said...

Wow...taken to task a month after writing something...I'm happy!

Upon re-reading the "Know Islam - No Peace" article, and then what I wrote...along with some of the comments, I guess it's time to update a few things.

I guess I'm somewhat at a loss when liberals and the ACLU have taken the separation of church (Christianity) and state (anything remotely funded by anything without private funds) clause to such outrageous ends...yet we seem to find the time and the place for such "lessons" for other religions.

Call it a problem with "equal time"...but who's to say that the next special interest religous group that wants to come into the mix are the "Druids"...."Wiccans"....etc. While I'm unhappy with the liberal side's view of Christianity and their goal of taking religion out of the schools...if religion doesn't belong in school (according to them) then neither does the teaching of Mohammed, Bhudda, or whomever.

I understand that it's important to know about the other folks that inhabit this planet...but we've come to a conclusion, albeit an incorrect one.

The other problem I had with the lessons was the ages of the students. If you're going to teach this kind of material, I'd much rather see it done at a later time in the education process, perhaps in high school. The opinions of third graders about the relative goodness or badness of a religion in irrelevent.


From the high ground...


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Joe said...

I don't completely agree with what the article says, although if the basic facts are true it's an absurd invasion of religion into the state. It mentions that the government is allowing the teachings of Allah, but it says earlier that the teachers doing so have been shown how to circumvent the regulations, so it doesn't seem to be condoning it.
Also, I take very strong offense when it implies that the instruction of Muslim practices to American students will turn them into terrorists. It is true that the majority of the foreign terrorists who have attacked the United States and its allies have been Muslim, but that in no way defines any Muslim as a terrorist. Unfortunately, that faith has lent itself very well to extremism and fanaticism, especially with the almost omnipotent leaders of many of the sects (that's one of the benefits of the Protestant Reformation; it gave more power of interpretation to the people). However, the nature of jihad, as outlined in the Quran, excludes participants from destroying buildings, killing women or children, or hurting a single tree if that tree should have a single living leaf upon it.
And finally, since I can't really bear to think about that article for much longer, the Middle East has enjoyed just about as much peace and suffered through as much violence as any part of the world. Asia has its history littered with warlords, imperial conquests, and subjugation by foreign countries; Africa has always been and still is a center for tribal and intercultural strife; Europe has not only been the theater for countless wars but even proliferated their own nationalistic conflicts to other continents over the past few centuries, and has only known peace recently if you don't count the Balkans or the Greco-Turkish hostilities over Cyprus; America has only had the greatest genocide in the history of, well, history in the form of the nearly complete annihilation of the Native American people; South America was dominated by Indian empires and was subsequently crushed by European colonists; and Australia? Well...Australia's been alright, considering the fact that it was founded as a penal colony to relieve Britain's overcrowded prisons. The Middle East? The Crusades were not their fault, and fanaticism has reared its ugly head only in the past century; and the inherent intertribal strife was facilitated by the arbitrary boundaries drawn by the British occupiers of the entire region.

Well that was a long one...


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