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The Hills are Alive....with sound of blisters!

MajorDad must issue a public apology to MajorMom about his conduct today at West Point, NY.

In preparation for the trek, while I did mention that comfortable shoes are a must when visiting...I mentioned nothing about elevation appreciation of the academy grounds. MajorMom went up to the football stadium (no, we didn't attend the game...) to grab some gifts for MajorTeen (Jamie), MajorBaby (Alisha), and even MajorGrammy.

For a place that's produced geniuses of the academic, tactical and strategic type...these folks don't know anything about marketing!!! Can you believe that you cannot purchase a single piece of memorabilia or even a drink without going inside the stadium?!?! Now granted, they're not necessarily in the business of making money...but jeez! Talk about missed opportunity.

The next step in the "death march" took us to the Cadet Cemetary that's like walking through a history book. We stopped to visit burial site of my Russian language professor, Michael Evgenevich Solo, a native Russian from the Ural region of the former Soviet Union. After paying our respects there we passed the graves of GEN Daniel Butterfield (composer of "Taps"), GEN Custer of Little Big Horn fame, as well as hundreds of other American heros from conflicts from Revolutionary War to Iraq/Afghanistan.

We "landed" at Eisenhower Hall where we enjoyed some much needed rest and nourishment.

MajorMom was an absolute trooper for making the forced march I took her on.

Resting from the the trip up and down the high ground...


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