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Treblinka Square???

In the debate on Thursday night...Senator Kerry was puffing up his chest about being one of the first Americans to arrive on the scene after the fall of the Soviet Union. He talked about going down into the bowels of the former KGB headquarters of Treblinka Square. I'd like to know if this is part of his re-writing history like the Vietnam awards or the secret missions in Laos and Cambodia.

There's no such place in Russia or in the former Soviet Union. Mr. Kerry was probably talking about Dzerzhinsky Square, named after the first leader of the feared pre-cursor to the KGB. The prison that he visited was known as The Lubyanka.

Now, are you going to hear about this gaffe from the MSM? Hell no! But I'm sure that you'll hear all about President Bush calling the Islamic leaders "mool-lahs" as opposed to "mullahs."

Trying to bring a little bit of fairness to this whole affair....from the high ground!


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