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Debate #1

Okay...what did y'all think? Here's my two cents...

Kerry: Well dressed, well spoken, well rehearsed, well coiffed....needed a home run, came away with a stand-up double.

Bush: Sincere, a little slow on the draw, still the leader of the free world...needed not to do or say something stupid.....and pulled that off.

Now what does that mean? Think we're still about where we were before the debate, although...some of the more shallow voters will swing towards Kerry. They don't realize that they're voting for a man that is presiding over a war every bit as important as the one that FDR/Truman, Churchill, and Stalin was.

From the high ground....MajorDad

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At 9:17 AM, Blogger Candie Goodyear said...

Bush was a little slow on the draw because he was wearing an earpiece, likely with Rove on the other side feeding him the answers to the debate questions.

And fairness in the Mainstream Media? Ha! You'd have better luck getting Bush to admit that the war in Iraq was uncalled for.

Good posts. I can relate to the "Eye Drops and the Baby" post. I have an 8 1/2 month old, and sometimes getting him dressed takes a team of high trained specialists.


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