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MajorBaby Strikes Again...PinkEye Gone....Vomit Anyone?

Ah...the joys of parenthood. I took the brunt of the pinkeye outbreak...damn! Those drops sting...and the pediatrician said they were gentle...for the baby. Lying SOB! Next time I take MajorBaby to the doc...she's gonna be packing a full diaper!

In any case...morning wake up came a little earlier than usual (I hate knowing that there's a 5am out there). I woke up to a baby fussing (no great shakes here...she spends more time in our bed than hers...a habit I hope to break by the time kindergarten rolls around).

Well, I kind of rolled up on an elbow just in time to pretty much hear MajorMom take the full force of some projectile vomiting! Woo hoo! I dodged the bio-hazard pretty much untouched this time.

So what did your hero, MajorDad, do? He dutifully hopped out of bed and grabbed "his" towel from "his" bathroom to assist the drenched heroine (MajorMom) and sooth the upset infant. Eventually we wound up falling asleep together (Me and MajorBaby)...I think MajorMom had already hit the showers.

When we all woke up, MajorBaby, MajorMom and MajorDad were all none worse for the wear.

From the high ground and dodging those cookies!


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At 3:06 AM, Blogger StinKerr said...

"...she's gonna be packing a full diaper!"

You go the full laugh track on that one. I'm still chortling. Teach that doctor well.

At 3:07 AM, Blogger StinKerr said... the full laugh track.

PIMF (when i'm not drinkin')


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