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Bush and the Flu Vaccine

This morning we all heard about John Kerry placing the responsibility for the alleged shortage of flu vaccine this year at the feet of President George Bush.

The actual cause for the shortage is due to problems in the production of the vaccine at a UK pharmaceutical company, Chiron. During their quality control testing, they found impurities in a number of batches of vaccine and had to trash them all. This wound up causing worldwide shortages of vaccine, not just here in the US.

My question to you my gentle readers is where does the responsibility for these types of action truly lie? Do we really expect that the President of the US is or is this simply another way to sling mud in this campaign?

Has the world of politcal campaigning gone nuts?

Sniffling on the high ground.


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At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How soon we forget the actions of the Clintons to take the excess money out of the Pharmacutical companies. Bill and Hillary made it totally unprofitable to make vaccines in our country. If blame goes anywhere it goes there.

Now, a Kerry administration will make things much worse because Kerry is a hard leftist when it comes to destroying companies his wives do not own a heathy interest in.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Vigilant Times said...

Like the above commenter, I believe this is the cause of the Clintons. However, this has been well hidden.

At 1:03 PM, Blogger MajorDad said...

I don't know that I'd necessarily lay this at the feet of the politicians...but rather on those precious few that would actually consider suing someone, knowing that they'd absolutely done their level best to provide the care and service we've come to know and expect from the medical profession.

A that. We all make them. Why should we discourage the practice of medicine, the practice of obstetrics, and especially the manufacturing of new allowing lawyers and greedy patients to take advantage of the emotions of juries?

Listen closely here...I'm all for prosecuting people that make more than just mistakes. A surgeon operating on a patient while under the influence of some substance, needs to be hammered AND put away for some hard time...but let's not penalize the 99.9% of professionals out there that wouldn't even consider doing something so heinous.

Whew! (Wish I could do that like "W" did in the last debate) Guess I just had a button pressed.

From the high ground...a little red in the face.



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