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WTF?????? Over!!!!!

Shells from Syria fired at troops in Iraq

Okay, time for someone to tie me down!

If we're taking fire from Syria...why aren't we doing something about it? I'm hoping that we've learned a few lessons since Vietnam.

If the mortarmen lobbing rounds at American and Iraqi forces on the Syrian border are Syrian or if they're insurgents using a "line in the sand" as an umbrella against attack...I think they're sadly mistaken. When a battery of MLRS (Multiple Launched Rocket Systems) launches on you...the grid square (1000 m x 1000 m area) is pretty much taken out. I'm relatively certain that our counter mortar radars can get us close enough to only need a few MLRS strikes fired to knock this crap right the hell off!

I do believe that the gloves come off after 2 matter what the outcome. It's time to finish these suckers off and I believe that Mr. Alawi has the will to do it too.

Pray for the men and women currently serving at the tip of the spear, pray for those that have felt the loss and sting of battle and are now in a better place or perhaps recovering from their wounds, and pray for our President leading the world in this fight against evil.

"Evil prospers when good men do nothing." (Many sources) Mr. Bush is a good man who is not sitting this one out on the sidelines. Unfortunately, I believe Mr. Kerry is a good man...but also believe that he'd prefer that we had done nothing to counter the Iraqi threat.

From the high ground...


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At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to put some embed reporters on the Syrian border...let them get shelled and report home...then unleash the power of the US forces.


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