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Let's just say that I intend to use this blog to blow off some steam that I might be feeling with the International/National media, my work situation, or maybe even to tee off on the family in a humorous way of course!


Supersize Me???? my goal to earn a free Ipod to donate to a recovering soldier, I signed up with Blockbuster to deliver DVDs to my door. Great program...I can have 3 movies "out" at any one time...for just $19.95 a month. The movies come with pre-paid postage laden it's a matter of taking them out of the mailbox, watching them, then putting them into the envelopes and putting them back in the mailbox. Go to the site and just check out what's available...probably more than what you can find in your local BLOCKBUSTER. Enough of a commercial for you yet?

In any case, I gave MajorMom the username and password to order some movies for the family to watch. One title she picked out of the list of 100 most popular and new releases was "SuperSize Me." When I thought about it and even when I looked at the website description...I thought it was a comedy. Something about what happens to a guy that decides to eat all his meals at McDonalds.

Well, tonight MajorMom and I popped the flashy little disk into the DVD player and found out what it was really about. The movie "Supersize Me" is to McDonalds as "Roger and Me" is to the Detroit automobile industry.

The "hero" of the movie decides to antagonize McDonalds by filming a documentary of his 30 day journey by only eating McDonald's food. His name is "Morgan." He has set up a few rules.

1. During the 30 days, he must eat each item on the menu at least once.
2. He must eat three meals a day.
3. If he's offered to supersize his purchase...he has to take it.

Clearly this is again an attempt by the liberals to shift the responsibility from the individual to an industry.

McDonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, and all the rest are not out to kill us. They are there to provide us a little additional convenience and the occasional treat from the daily grind of spending time in the kitchen. Morgan's attempt to lay the blame at this industry's feet is absolutely ridiculous.

The bottom line is that Morgan does screw up his health by eating a McDonalds only diet for 30 days. The same would happen to us if we were dumb enough to give this a try too.

As I want to write for a long, long time....I'll need readers for that same time peroid! Let's take the pledge together....

I am responsible for myself. Regarding my health, I'll endeavor to watch what I eat, eat what I need, not necessarily what I want! I'll do what I can to get an appropriate amount of exercise with of course my doctor's approval. Exercise can be anything: walking, running, swimming, cycling, gardening, weightlifting, or just about anything.

Thanks for listening....and reading....and please, share me with your friends!

From the high ground...


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At 8:00 AM, Blogger DagneyT said...

Hand held high! Pledged.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Zeppara said...

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