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Homespun Symposium XVI

Senator McCain, who has his own personal non-profit organization which allows him to bypass his own campaign finance reform law, would like to see blogs taken down a notch.

Why should anyone in this country support his law as it exists?

I'm beginning to think that campaign finance reform is completely broken...based on how huge amounts of money are being spent on influencing the way we act inside the voting booth. On the other hand, this legislation would seem to have built in loopholes that make the intent of it impossible to achieve.

Who will take a stand and get their "representatives" to rescind this law?

I think that the "who" might just be us out here in the blogosphere...the writers and the readers. If it takes an email campaign to plug the holes in the current legislation...or recommend new legislation, it might be time to start pushing representatives now.

What did we see during this last campaign which shows this law is of value?

I sure don't know if there was anything out there that would show any value, but there certainly were plenty of politically motivated folks throwing their money around. If you look at how effectively Dean was in raising money on the Internet and how much George Soros plucked out of his piggy bank to bankroll a multi millionaire (how much sense does that make?) you might see where the laws could be tightened up.

On the other hand, recent talk is that the Internet and blogs like this one might be subject to control through the McCain-Feingold law as it currently exists. I think that what I spend on Internet, hosting and blog software fees don't even come close to the limits on personal donations...but who knows?

Do I get credit for answering the question? This was another toughie...unless you're willing to dig a little for information.

I'm beginning to think that the candidates shouldn't be out begging....and giving the impression that they might be buying future votes with contributions. If they want to run, they can run on their own dime.

See you on the high ground!


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