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And "They" Wonder Why Home Schooling Is On the Rise!

While I'm sure that there are many different reasons home schooling has become such a popular option these days for those families that don't require a dual income household, if this wouldn't push me over the edge, I don't know what would.

Math Curriculum Doesn't Add Up

A super "hat tip" to Tom Mountain who authored that piece.

Can you actually believe that political correctness has entered the math classroom? What has happened to us? Math is probably the most universally understood language that we have! It's what we one day may have in common with extraterrestrial life, if it exists.

Read on...there's more!

The leadership, and I use that term extremely loosely, of the Newton School District seems to have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to finding the cause of the plummeting math scores. I believe that Mr. Mountain has put his finger smack dab on the pulse and diagnosed the problem correctly. This district is wasting time with things that parents and grandparents should be working on at home with the children...but that's okay, I'm almost 43 years old and they're still doing the same with me. The government is no different. I get to attend on average 20 hours of nonsensical drug/alcohol counseling, violence in the workplace, consideration of others training, sexual harrassment prevention and a number of other mandatory training sessions.

Back to Newton, Massachusetts for a moment or two. I have always maintained that one fallacy of diversity training/instruction is that it makes things better. While understanding other members of the human race is certainly important to getting through this rat race called life, I'm not so sure that it needs to be part of a child's curriculum. This would appear to be something that should also be backed up at home by parents and other family members. I grew up in a completely white suburb in NJ. I didn't go to school with a black child until I entered West Point...did that mean I had troubles during my first encounters? Hell no! My parents and my church taught me to treat other people the way I'd want to be treated myself. Guess what, it works. The other didn't take away from my studies either!

Another problem I have with the concept of diversity training is that it would tend to give minority kids some idea that they have a crutch they can lean on because they're a member of a minority group.

  • How long are we going to keep trying to convince each other that because someone is a member of a minority that they're inherently deserving of special treatment or notice?

  • Isn't the fact that we're all human beings enough to put us on an equal footing?

  • When will be we begin to live in the colorblind/race blind society that Dr. King spoke about many years ago?
If having 23 chromosomes, walking upright, and having dominion over the animals of the sky, sea, and land isn't enough...I'd like to check out, please!

See you on the high ground...I'll be the one that was raised right.


Read the rest of the longer story!


At 1:32 PM, Blogger DagneyT said...

Major, I've blogged on the school system until I'm blue in the face. I contend that the left can only continue to have a voice if they raise our kids instead of us raising them...that way they're inclucated with leftist attitudes. But that is only one of many reasons the schools are failing. They are also failing to use the tax dollars we keep raising to educate the kids. Instead, they go to these "heads of" bureaucrappy administrators 6-figure salaries.

The danger of this, is that we are falling behind in producing the engineers and scientists we need to keep our industrial and scientific edge. Look up how many engineers China turns out a year, vs. the USA! Frightening!


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