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Homespun Blogger Symposium Question XI

Do you think that the elections in Iraq vindicated President Bush's
decision to invade Iraq?

Well, I'll have to put my bottom line answer to this week's question
right up front.

I don't know yet. We all won't know for quite some time I believe.
(That's a couple of years for you impatient Americans that want

We are operating in a region where time isn't measured in days, weeks,
months or even years. We're working in a part of the world where
decades are considered winks of the eye....centuries getting closer to
a measure of time that is understood.

The problems that have plagued the Middle East have been there for
hundreds and thousands of years. This is not a new problem; it's just
an interesting twist on an old one! Probably the most recent twist
was the way the lines were drawn carving up the old Ottoman Empire at
the end of World War I. Throughout the Middle East, the League of
Nations got it wrong and we've pretty much been on the receiving end
ever since. In its present configuration, the "League" ain't making
much forward progress in the region either. Surprised? So, let's
just say that one day of free voting alone isn't going to change
thousands of years of history quickly. With time, the vote will be
seen as the first step in a journey in the right direction.

Secondly, we're going to be hounded from now until the cows come home
about when American troops will be withdrawn from Iraq. Again, it's
far too early to even discuss a withdrawal when the Iraqis barely have
a government in place and a constabulary force capable of enforcing
the rule of law. In the absence of Saddam's iron fist, chaos has
ruled with various factions trying to fill the power gap. Until the
Iraqis can enforce the law of the land, I don't believe we're
overstepping our bounds. I agree that we should stand ready to turn
control over to Iraqi forces as they prove their mettle, but we should
also stand ready to show them what well led soldiers are capable of
doing too. As we dissolved the previous regime's military (not unlike
taking away the toys of the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht at the end of
WWII) it will take time to ensure that Iraq places the right people in
the right positions of authority to prevent a military coup in the
near term.

Finally, the Iraqi people that have lived under a monarch, under an
empire, and under a military dictatorship for so many
years...democracy and freedom are probably VERY STRANGE to them. We
take for granted the many rights we are guaranteed under the
Constitution. This Sunday was the first time the Iraqi people have
voted in a "real" election in a generation! It is guaranteed that
nobody will receive 100% of the vote this time, like Saddam had done
in the past.

So let's let this question simmer on the back burner for awhile before
we make our final call on this.

Do I believe that we're on the right track with Iraq? Absolutely.

Do I wish we could find the missing WMD? Of course.

Do I think we need to continue to crack down on illegal and unsanctioned proliferation of WMD?
No doubt!

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At 1:01 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Nice response. I agree with your three conclusions. We've got to be patient, something we're normally not good at

At 1:20 PM, Blogger MajorDad said...

HEY! I resemble that remark! Just bought a book for $16.49 on Amazon...and was willing to pay $9 in shipping so I could have it Monday.

I'm just as bad as everyone else...almost!


At 1:41 PM, Blogger DagneyT said...

"We are operating in a region where time isn't measured in days, weeks,months or even years. We're working in a part of the world where decades are considered winks of the eye....centuries getting closer to a measure of time that is understood."

While that part is very true, Major, the only issue I have with it is that we are in a new time altogether, thanks to the internet. The yearnings for more freedom can be seen on any Iraqi, Irani, Egyptian, or Saudi or Kuwaiti blog. The Middle East has been coming to this realization since 1991, when we rescued the Kuwaitis, and their gratitude began to spread. These are very bright people, and they live in the cradle of civilization. I believe they are embracing democracy with a vigor, and you can bet special forces are on the ground doing anything they can to speed the process.

And if you call me "Pollyanna", I'll go to my room and pout. ;-)

At 6:34 AM, Blogger MajorDad said...


I'd never call you Pollyanna over something like this.

You're correct that the younger generations in the Middle East have been exposed to our way of life in the West...and yearn to enjoy some of the freedoms that it holds. The thing that keeps things from moving that direction is the issue with religion peacefully co-existing with the Western lifestyle. In some ways I can sympathize with the mullahs that see our ways as being decadent and moving away from Allah/God.

On the other hand, I think that a more productive Middle East, the Moslems could do a better job of throwing their money around helping fellow followers.

Money and wealth isn't evil, provided that it's shared with those with less. (Notice I didn't say that you have to give ALL your worldly possessions away to be a good person. My God says that 10% is good enough...)

See you on the high ground!


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous DagneyT said...

Headed home today, from Port Aransas. See ya later on today!


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