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Any Geeks out There?

At the risk of sounding really geeky here...anyone out there care to give Linux a spin on their machine without going through the typical HELL of partitioning and formatting portions of their hard drives for use with LINUX?

Go to:

And download the KNOPPIX iso file. (This is a file format that allows you to download one file that can be burned as an image onto a CD.)

Once you have it burned to it in your CD drive and restart you computer. If all goes according to plan, your computer will boot into a LINUX environment...with no modifications made to your hard drive at all!

KNOPPIX found all my card and EVERYTHING.

Sorry...if I sound geeky, it's because I've never been able to get LINUX of any kind to run on my computers without a tremendous amount of hassle and pain. Wait, let me correct that statement. I've never been smart enough to get it to work even when I follow the instructions line by line.

Give it a try! You'll be amazed at how fast your machine will work under this operating system. If you have a number of old clunkers sitting around the house, you might consider pressing them back into service running some sort of LINUX.

See you on the high ground! I'll be the geek with the 17" neck!

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