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Crunching Condi??? Not This Time!

Well, the Democrats really seemed to have shown their true colors today when it came to conducting a debate in the US Senate rather than simply convening for a vote on Mrs. Rice's nomination at Secretary of State.

It was time to round up the usual suspects, plus a few that just couldn't get their mugs in front of the camera fast enough...let's just take a look at the "lineup."

Barbara "What the Hell Have I Been Smoking" Box (D-California) seemed to take on the role of the antagonizer again, having shed the Sunday Show "victim" character she played for America this past weekend. She comes out swinging in Rounds 1 and 3, playing "rope a dope" in Round 2 on Sunday. This political chameleon seems to be capable of shifting her colors seemingly at will. If she was representing anyone other than Californians...I would be worried.

Following another Boxer strikeout...I think it was Robert "KKK" Byrd (D-West Virginia) who stepped up to the plate and take his obligatory swings. Never being short on words or breath...the senior senator took an hour to roll out the theory that Dr. Rice had not earned her position as Secretary of State, but that it was handed to her for simply being a "good and faithful" servant of an incompetant administration. It makes me wonder what the people in West Virginia might be smoking too. Second hand smoke from Senator Boxer perhaps?

The last member of the Democrat's "Murderer's Row" was the senior senator from the Great State of Massachusetts, the one, the only "Chappaquiddick Teddy" Kennedy. Apparently, sober enough to speak his piece as well...Senator Kennedy tried to paint a picture of Dr. Rice supporting an administration fixated and determined to mire the United States in an un-winnable war in the Middle East. I believe the word "quagmire" was used to help draw the parallel with another war that went insurgent on us...Vietnam. When Senator Kennedy offered Dr. Rice a ride home to her home across the Potomac River, she politely declined. Who says she's not qualified to be Secretary of State?

All in all, a win for the Bush Administration and Dr. Rice, but if this is how the first week of the 2nd Bush Administration is shaping up...there's going to be a very tough four years in DC coming. In reality though, I think that this bodes extremely badly for the Democrats. Americans cannot be as dumb as they think!

From the high ground...applauding President Bush's nominees!

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At 11:07 AM, Blogger Tom said...

Nice post. Bottom line is that the Democrats are a deeply divided party, but are publicly defined by their hard left wing. Consider that Dem Sen Feinstein introduced Dr. Rice, while Dem Sen Boxer denounced her. Sen Leiberman supported her, but Kennedy savaged her.

The Democrats are in chaos. If they're going to turn things around they need to 1) organize, and 2) learn to save their powder for battles they can win. Right now they just look stupid.


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