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More on Illegal Immigration

Well, after a quick read of my morning news...I've found something to write about in the 20-30 minutes I'll spend with you this morning.

Citizens to do the the Job Government Won't

There are about 240 volunteers that are giving their time and resources to provide much needed surveillance and vigilance along the Arizona-Mexico border area starting in April this year.

I'm very familiar with the region where this group intends to focus their efforts. Cochise County, Arizona is the home of Fort Huachuca (made famous in the movie Scent of a Woman), Tombstone (The Town to Tough to Die) and Bisbee (The Town Too High to Care). As stated in the article, this region is geographically one of the best places to get across the border during the Spring/Summer seasons due to the climate. This area is usually 10-20 degrees cooler on a daily basis due to the altitude. At nearly mile high throughout the area, the summer temperatures are much more bearable than some of the temperatures encountered other places along the border. Surveillance is nothing new to this area...for those of you familiar with the region, you'll remember the aerostat that's been flying from Fort Huachuca for the past 20 or so years to counter narcotics infiltration through the mountain passes.

One note the struck home with me was the warning from law enforcement to this well organized vigilante group. Basically "the law" sounds afraid of the kinds of people they might run into on the border...and might even be shying away from confrontation themselves. The men and women of the Minuteman Project appear to be ready and willing to face whatever they find in the badlands of Arizona...and good on them! It's about time somebody took the issue of illegal immigration seriously. If not now, when? If not them, who?.

Finally, I'm sure my critics out there have already figured that the uniform for an organization like the Minuteman Project will include a white hood and robes...I think that this article clearly informs the reader that there certainly were applicants that were quite interested in the prospect of becoming a vigilante band like the KKK. Those applicants were kindly thanked for their interest and shown the door. For this and other copycat (I hope there are some) organizations interested in assisting the federal law enforcement agencies to police our extensive border regions, playing by the rules will be a very important part of the game.

I wish Mr. James Gilchrist and his Minuteman Project volunteers the best of luck and safety in their upcoming mission. I applaud their bravery and commitment to a set of ideals that we've lost somewhere upon the way. I am certain that they feel as I do in this case...if you want to become an American and share in the American can apply as our ancestors did.

And here is the rest of it.

Read the rest of the longer story!


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Mark said...

It's not that they're coming here taking our jobs, its that companies are giving the jobs to them by paying less money to cheaper immigrants, and selectively enforcing the immigration act when / if they start to be anything more the cheap, silent labour. Paying People is Patriotic.

At 10:29 AM, Blogger MajorDad said...

Oh...I'm not afraid of losing my job to an immigrant, but I am afraid that we as a generous nation are being taken advantage of by people that show their utter disregard for the rule of law. For the past 20 years, I've lived in states that either border Mexico or serve as entry points for large numbers of illegal aliens.

People come to this country looking for the American dream, but unfortunately, they come ill-equipped to become part of our society. They wind up not contributing nearly as much as they take out of the system...

That's a start at a response...more later, probably.

From the high ground....who are these people and what language are they speaking?


At 9:05 AM, Blogger LetFreedomRing said...

Let me first say that I have never posted a comment on any discussion before, so please excuse any blunders in blog etiquette. This subject just happens to be one of my pet peeves, and I really felt the need to throw in my two cents.

I grew up in Southern California about ten miles from the border, in a heavily-canyoned area. Obviously, these scrub canyons make wonderful trails for border-hoppers to travel in relative security.

Most mornings, we would go out into the backyard to play and find the remains of campfires behind a stand of trees. Even after the back fence went up, this continued to happen, since we were the only family in the neighborhood that didn't have a large dog patrolling the back forty.

Needles to say, this formed an early bias against the plight of illegal immigrants. I'm not saying that I have no sympathy for their suffering, either economic or political, which caused them to leave their native countries. On the contrary, I can fully appreciate their desire to do so. What I cannot tolerate is the economic drain on our country as the result of it.

For example:
I am sure that everyone living in border states is familiar with the "7-11 Labor Pool" ... namely, groups of illegals hanging out at 7-11 every morning waiting for day work. These people are paid in cash, therefore they pay no taxes on their wages. I know the arguement can be made that they turn around and buy goods so the money remains in the economy, but this in no way covers the social services they can take advantage of without having to contribute to the upkeep. This is mostly in the form of public education for their children. The public schools were not only refusing to report these incidents, they were also catering to the immigrants' "special needs" -- teaching in Spanish so they wouldn't get left behind (and don't let me get started on the non-English subject). It became such a large drain on the education budget, that the state actually voted on, and required that schools report which of their students were illegals. The schools refused to comply, and the PC police decided to drop the subject in the media, so much for your vote counting.

And another thing ... If I hear one more time about how ALL illegal aliens are just good souls trying to make a better life for themselves I think I'm going to scream. Illegals committing crimes?!?!? Say it isn't so. Well I'm here to tell you, that not only do they commit crimes, they commit serious crimes. Somehow, someone in California got the brilliant idea that we should build a prison for these illegal criminals. Legally it couldn't be built on state property, so it was decided to build a rather expensive felon-housing facility on one of the military bases in San Diego. Paid for by our tax dollars of course. Now, here's the irony. The first week of operation, these felons, unable to adapt to the leniency present in an American jail promptly rioted, started a fire and burned the place almost to the ground.

Well, I've probably gone on long enough. I do wholeheartedly agree with the idea of carefully-chosen citizens patrolling the border. The problem has been here too long and the old methods haven't and will never work. There's not enough man-power. Maybe this can help tip the balance.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger MajorDad said...

Well I'm certainly glad that you did decide to finally pull the trigger and post. It was GREAT!!! I hope you come back time and time again to let us know what's on your mind and your opinions about things.

Something that you bring up is the fact that we have an underground economy that is fueled by "ill gotten" gains. While the money earned by illegals may be "fair" and "hard"'s still being earned illegally. At least until the problem is solved, we'd be able to recoup some of the money spent in benefits for them in a national sales tax.

While I'm not terribly excited about a national sales tax, I think that it's the only fair way to collect taxes in this country. For far too long we've tried to run this country by collecting taxes by those citizens that work hard and play by the rules. Why should those that refuse to do this be exempted from taxation, but not exempted from the benefits?

Wow..this issue gets me spun up!

See you on the high ground.



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