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Grilling Gonzales...The Left is At it Again!

While I'll claim complete ignorance about a great deal of what's swirling around in the Senate confirmation hearings regarding Alberto Gonzales...I do know that this is simply a way for those that disagree with President Bush's conduct of the war on Global Terrorism to poke their collective thumbs into his eyes.

Here's the latest from MSNBC about Gonzales and the kangaroo court he's being tried by in the media...

Gonzales Likely to Be Confirmed Amid Unanswered Questions

Apparently by being a legal advisor in Washington, DC...thousands of miles away from Abu Grabass prison and the scandals there make him a key figure in the policies for use of interrogation techniques. The scandal is now looking towards continuing operations in Guantanomo Bay's detention facility. In the article hear about statements given by one detainee that alleges that he and other detainees have been subjected to bizarre forms of humiliation and abuse by U.S. military inquisitors to include being:
  • Strapped to the floor in an interrogations center known as the Hell Room. (Would it make them feel any better if it was known as the "Presidential Suite?")

  • Wrapped in Israeli flags. (Horrors! Oh horrors!)

  • Taunted by female interrogators who rubbed their bodies against them in sexually suggestive ways. (Having been assigned with followers of Islam in the past...I find it very difficult to believe that these guys would complain. 20 or so years ago I had an attractive young lady ask me to dance in the "I-Bar" at Fort Benning's O-Club. While we were dancing, she explained to me that she wasn't really interested in me...but I was a far cry better than some of the Arab officers giving her a hard time. Chalk up one for the lady's ingenuity...take one away from MajorDad's self esteem.)

  • Being left alone in refrigerated cells for hours with deafening music blaring in their ears. (I guess these people haven't figured out that a flag can be used as a blanket.)
I suppose that we've just found another reason that I'll never be the president. I won't take a job where I'm supposed to fulfill the responsibilities of my position and then be second guessed by people ill-suited to render judgement on my decisions.

Interrogation of suspects and prisoners isn't supposed to be as cozy as a week at Sandals. While the goal of interrogation is to draw out information that can be used to successfully counter the insurgent/Sunni/Baathist/Al Queda threat, I hardly believe the what we might have done at Guantanomo and other interrogation facilities comes close to the of the following stories that have come out of Iraq regarding interrogation techniques used by Hussein's regime. Take a look at some of these links from the past...
While some of the alleged techniques might not quite fit the majority's image of "American Justice" the information that these detainees may provide is certainly germane to our survival as a nation. Can we afford to treat these people that intend to do us grave harm the luxuries and priviliges afforded to the average American criminal incarcerated within our own prison system? I think that there's a great deal of difference in someone that might be in jail for a drug related offense...and some Islamic fanaticist that's wearing an orange jumpsuit down in a cage in Cuba that might know something about the past operations, future operations, or organizational structure of an international terror organization like Al Queda.

Mr. Gonzales was about as complicit in the alleged prison abuses in Iraq and in Cuba as I was in the assasination of JFK. We were both alive when it happened, but neither of us can have anything pinned on us.

Let's allow Mr. Gonzales' nomination go before the Senate for confirmation and let's move on. Time is wasting in the Global War on Terrorism. Let's get serious and get it over with. Time for a knockout blow in Iraq. At that point we can turn our attention to some of the other members of the "Axis of Evil."

See you on the high ground!


And here is the rest of it.

Read the rest of the longer story!


At 11:53 AM, Blogger MajorDad said...

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At 12:41 PM, Blogger DagneyT said...

It's just like the Rumsfeld bashing, Major Dad, another way to strike out at Bush. They still don't get it!

Let me know how that program works for you. I went to their site, started to download it, saw it only came in English and Russian, and chickened out!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Shall we put you in a cold room and blast very loud music at you for a few hours, say, 48 of them? Would you like that? After all you have a blanket to hide behind.

Do you truly believe that America is the Biblical Land Of Plenty, and non-Americans are merely there to serve your vision of the world?


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