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How Soon They Forget

Apparently the founder of USA TODAY, the paper that began the dumbing down of America by catering to the attention span of a gnat...declares

I Would Gladly Serve in a Just War

Ah...but he caveats his comments with, if I were properly armed and equipped. First, I'd like to thank him for his service during WWII in France, Germany and in the Phillipines as an infantryman. As a former infantryman myself, I'm sure he's done his part. However...I think he's losing sight of the rightness or wrongness of this war.

The same types of goals existed in WWII whether it was wrestling Europe back from the Italians and Germans or Asia back from the Japanese. In this conflict, we're taking back two nations that were being run by thugs in the most heinous of ways. We've successfully established a fledgling democracy in Afghanistan and within a few short weeks, we can add Iraq to the rolls of democracies. Sounds like a pretty noble goal to me.

Why should we not share democracy with our Arab brethren...when they're finally showing that they want to give it a try?

See you on the high ground.


. And here is the rest of it.

Read the rest of the longer story!


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I'd like to get you on my talk radio show. Jim Lago, N/T 1440 KEYS, Corpus Christi. Please email me your number Bunkermulligan says to tell you I'm an OK guy. Great minimum wage take.


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