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Let's just say that I intend to use this blog to blow off some steam that I might be feeling with the International/National media, my work situation, or maybe even to tee off on the family in a humorous way of course!


Blogging Your Broken Dreams, In and Out of the Beams of a Neon Moon was a pretty good day! My neon moon got here...all in one piece and it's currently right above me here. Considering I ordered it on Friday...and it was here by Tuesday shipping's pretty quick!

If you haven't gone and checked out these really need to! While it might be too late for Christmas, some day you'll need that gift for a special person in your life. And if you're shopping for that "hard to buy for" person, you can DEFINITELY find something they don't have. I suppose I've made MajorMom's job just a little bit I now have a blue neon moon in my office.

Remember to fill the kettle between now and Christmas Eve's closing time at your local Walmart. Walmart is matching dollar for dollar up to 1 million dollars!!! Make 'em pay! Just kidding, Walmart's one of my favorite places to shop.

Let me give you the "guy's creed." Gents...say it along with me:

If you can't buy it at Walmart, you don't need it.

Glowing on the high ground.


Read the rest of the longer story!


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Marguerite said...

Hey Major Dad-- don't forget the headless bikini maniqin TV remote! Oh dear-- that place is a house of tacky! Thanks for the link as it was good for a laugh!

At 9:44 AM, Blogger MajorDad said...

Well hey...since I already HAVE a blue neon moon...and I DON'T HAVE a headless bikini mannequin remote control...I guess that I still have a chance of getting a gift, huh?

If you can't find something here that would fill the "DON'T HAVE" box for your hard to buy for gift recipient...I don't know where you can!

Merry Christmas...and MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR HINEY'S to WALMART and dump some cash in the kettle.



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