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And then One Step Back?

Here's a story you might have hasn't been that widely reported.

Border Patrol Issuing Blankets and Heat Packs to Illegals

Again it will probably sound like ole MajorDad's not a compassionate American, but something has to give here. I understand completely the need to care for my fellow man. If we scoop up illegal aliens crossing into our country, we are indeed obligated to care for them until we return them to their native soil. If blankets and heat packs are necessary, then so be it.

To solve the problem of illegal immigration, both the US and Mexico need to work together to fix what's broke!

First, we have to make it less appealing to take the chance to illegally enter a sovereign nation. I don't skip over the mountains south of Tucson to make my way to the beach resorts in I don't expect the Mexicans and others to try and make a reverse trek north. We can no longer afford to provide handout after handout to people breaking our laws. Isn't this like giving a puppy that's just peed on your floor a Milkbone?

Secondly, the Mexican government needs to address the problems they have south of the border. There must be some reason that 3,000,000 people seem to find the grass on the other side of the fence greener each year. George and Vicente need to talk about this around the fire at Crawford next time he visits. I have no doubt that Mexico has an untapped potential, but the certainly need to take a look at the governmental corruption problems that seem to plague that part of the world. Sure, I just teed it up for the liberals that would say that we don't have to look that far south for governmental corruption...but I'd say that they make our crooked politicians look like Eagle Scouts. Here it's a hobby, down there it's an art.

See you on the high ground...


And here is the rest of it.

Read the rest of the longer story!


At 8:48 AM, Blogger the urban fox said...

You might find this movie interesting.

Happy Christmas to the Major Family.

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Jim said...

I agree with you MajorDad. Illegal immigration is a huge problem. The poor souls who are trying to leave a rotten situation might do better to stay and put up a fuss about the corruption.

That's what I'm doing instead of running to Canada (HeHe)!

Seriously, I know they come and do the work America no longer wishes to do, but nothing is free. They usually have large families as low income folks often do, which in turn makes their kids US Citizens and entitled to social benefits. Hence we pay taxes for social services due all their kids, and all that cheap labor turns out to be very expensive indeed.

It's a big border, I don't have an answer.


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