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And a Step in the Right Direction

The voters in Arizona seem to have gotten it right here.

Proof of Immigration Status Required for Public Services

Folks, I realize that we're a nation descended from mostly immigrants. Note what I said here...DESCENDED from immigrants! Not of immigrants.

I would not propose we deny legal immigration or political asylum for the deserving or potentially productive members of our society, but we have to start drawing the line somewhere. We can no longer afford to spend money like drunken sailors (Editorial Note: I've never seen SMASH drunk or spending money) on social programs for people that thumb their noses at the legal immigration policies of this great nation. There's a right way and a wrong way to enter this country. If you want to be part of our society and take your swing at the apple called the "American Dream" you best be here legally.

Let's hope that the Arizona judge presiding over this case realizes that while there's a time and a place for compassion, if he overturns Arizona's Proposition 200, he's kissing butt with someone else's lips. That's never a good thing!

See you on the high ground!


And here is the rest of it.

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