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Sandy Berger and the "Socks Docs"

Well, they sure took their sweet time in doing it, but the "Feds" have finally started looking into Sandy Berger's indiscretions with about 40-50 classified documents he heisted from the vault at the National Archives. Here's a little story that ran in the New York Post...


Sandy Berger, President Clinton's National Security Advisor, claims that he made an honest mistake when he walked out of the Archives with 40-50 top secret documents hidden on his person...allegedly his socks.

Hmmmm...I'm not even going to try it I know that there's no way I could fit that much paper inside my socks, but that aside...what kinds of crimes have been committed?

1. Unlawful possession of classified materials outside a secure area.

2. Unlawful destruction of same. (I've never destroyed TOP SECRET material...but the hassle of getting rid of SECRET stuff is troublesome enough. Can't imagine what you have to do to the TOP SECRET stuff.

3. Coming up with one WHOPPER of a cover story to keep his butt out of jail.

. Folks, I'm a former intelligence officer myself...and in my storied past, I've had plenty of contact with top secret materials. Even the rank novice realizes that the compromise of this kind of information by definition could cause EXTREMELY GRAVE CONSEQUENCES to NATIONAL SECURITY. While Mr. Berger was supposed to have been vetting the documents for inclusion to the official 9/11 Report, he seems to have been doing a little unauthorized housecleaning to clear not only himself, but his boss, Mr. Clinton.

If SGT Tentpeg tried to use these excuses upon losing even just ONE TOP SECRET document, he'd be cooling his heels in Leavenworth for quite some time. What Sandy Berger's spreading around here would do a great deal of good for MajorDad's majorly brown lawn!

Let's see if there are going to be different spanks for different ranks here!

From the high ground!


Read the rest of the longer story!


At 5:38 PM, Blogger StinKerr said...

I don't recall seeing anything above secret in my Navy days. When I was in school nothing left the classroom and certainly never left the building. We had to go to the school for 'night study' in a monitored room and this was for an old, obsolete, upgraded-three-times WW2 era sonar system.

I cannot for the life of me understand how Berger got out of that room with those documents, never mind out of the building. Berger needs a good whacking and so do the people in charge of that secure documents room.

I don't know if it was a sea story or not, but I understand a Marine guard on an aircraft carrier wouldn't let President Nixon into a secure weapons space during a visit because he wasn't on the access list. I sort of believe it. Security was taken that seriously.


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