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Peace In Our Time???

Okay...being cursed by a classical education allows me to answer the question, "Who uttered these words in the last century, having later to eat them?"

The answer, dear readers, is the British Prime Minister that preceded Winston Churchill in that position...none other than Neville Chamberlain. The government of Great Britain looking the other way, under the leadership of Mr. Chamberlain, paved the way for Nazi expansion of their Reich, without firing a shot (unless you consider the assasination of rival leaders in Austria and Czechoslovakia shots).

We now have an American senator calling for us to "appease" the theocratic mullahs of Iran who are developing a nuclear capability that they truly don't need, unless it is for offensive and aggressive policies against Israel or other Western influences. Who is this senator? Check out this post and find out...

"The Plagiarist Calls for Appeasement with Iran"

While I have no problem in conducting negotiations with nations that have shown good faith in the past, I believe that we're dealing with another absolute den of snakes when it comes to the mullahs of Iran. In Iraq we were dealing with the murderous dictatorship of Saddam and his sons, in Iran we're dealing with the overzealous Shi'a Islamic sect. Somewhere there are young and old Moslems willing to rise up and claim some of their freedoms back...and continue to worship Allah in a peaceful way.

We as freedom loving people cannot allow the radical followers of either a religious sect or a cult of personality to gain access to weapons of mass distruction (I really hate this term...but more on that later). Both Iran and North Korea have continually thumbed their noses at the US, UN and other international efforts to assess the level of their nuclear capabilities. It is very close to the time where we need to act and act swiftly. Failure to do so will without a doubt hasten the next open air nuclear detonation and I'm not talking about a test. The next time we see a mushroom cloud, millions of people will be killed beneath it.

We can all get along, but the peoples, religions, and cults of personality need to come to the understanding that we have to all give a little to get along. Basic human freedoms are universal in nature...and in the 200+ years we've been in business, we've been able to prove that it works. They might do well to take a look at our past, even with its warts, and try to use us as a model.

See you all on the high ground!


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