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Do Kids Have a Right To This Kind of Privacy?

New technology helps schools keep tabs on more about it here at

Student ID Badges Raise Privacy Questions

Apparently the privacy kooks believe that knowing where children are on campus is far too invasive for our youth. It would seem to me that those kids that play by the rules have nothing to worry about. Those that choose to buck the system will simply be "apprehended" and disciplined sooner rather than later.

"We don't want our children to feel like a piece of inventory,"
was one of the mantras chanted by those that feel this is an intrusion to a child's rights. Inventory control and youth security cannot be compared. I would much rather have shoplifters carry away a store before I'd want kidnappers take my children. If this badge can help prevent abduction, cut down on truancy, drug trade, etc in much the better. (I'll let you in on something, never have had...nor will they ever have too many rights.)

"Aren't we trying to instill the feelings that we trust our children?"

NO! WE'RE NOT! Weren't you ever a child? Children by nature will try to push the edge of the envelope with discipline and order...and it is OUR job as adults and parents to help kick them back into the play and keep them between the lines.

I'm sorry, but if children could be "trusted" we certainly wouldn't spend so much time coddling them, teaching them, training them and preparing them for the rest of their lives. (An aside here...hell, I'm tracked from building to building on a daily basis at work. While I'm sure that my "badge" gets me places mostly for security purposes, the folks at the security desk can at least tell when I'm in a building...and if they're watching the cameras, even when I leave. I'm not pitching a privacy fit here, am I?)

I am a parent...and while I love my children to death, I don't think that I trust them as far as I can toss them just yet. Ask MajorTeen...she's been of legal driving age for nearly a year now...but is not quite "there" yet as far as me trusting her behind the wheel of a multi-thousand pound petroleum fueled, four-wheeled missile.

Keeping track of people isn't something that just happens to kids, like I mentioned before it's part of life. When they grow up and get a job, most likely they'll be handed a "badge" of some sort to identify them as a legitimate employee...and quite possibly to monitor their activities throughout the workday. I believe that employers have the right to keep track of their employees and ensure that they're being as productive. As a stockholder and taxpayer I certainly don't want to subsidize somebody's propensity towards slothfulness.

As a parent, I don't want to turn a blind eye towards something to assist our educators in keeping track of my kids for the 8 hours a day I entrust them to their care.

See you on the high ground. I'll be wearing multiple badges!


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At 6:15 PM, Blogger DagneyT said...

And they wonder why so many parents are opting for home schooling? Duh......?


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