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Let's just say that I intend to use this blog to blow off some steam that I might be feeling with the International/National media, my work situation, or maybe even to tee off on the family in a humorous way of course!


Need Something Unique for a Special Person?

At the risk of sounding like I'm turning this into a commercial site...I wanted to recommend my barber to you.

No, not to cut your hair...unless of course you're reading this in Coryell or Bell County in Texas.

She and her husband are hardworking entrepreneurs that have a really slick wholesale neon and novelty business on the side...and I for one have missed out in the past by not paying attention to it. I've just rectified that by purchasing this...

Just a hair over $50 bucks shipped to my door! Brooks and Dunn anyone?

Hey, it's made of has neon's fragile. Insurance costs money!

If you've ever shopped for neon things, and the past I have, you'll know that this is a very good deal. If you're arm twisting going on here at all, please follow this link to:

Neon By Udo Sculptures Starting at $34.88


Paula's Piddlin's for some VERY Unique Novelties Starting at Much, Much Less

Paula's been cutting my hair for years...and like I think I said before, it takes quite a bit to make MajorDad look good. She's the person that keeps the flattop flat and intimidating.

While Paula and Udo can't necessarily guarantee Christmas delivery (although if you order this weekend, your order will go out via FEDEX on Monday) I'm sure you'll find something that you'll like. Go give them a visit and shop around.

See y'all on the high ground!


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Try and Tell Me Things Aren't Getting Better!

Take a minute and read this post on fellow blogger Blackfive's site:

Love is Strong

After reading it...go ahead and try to tell me that we're not showing some progress towards winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis, maybe just one teddy bear at a time, but it's a move in the right direction.

I'll reserve my comments to respond to the audience.

In the meantime, MajorDad's all but wrapped up the Christmas shopping with I think a lifetime record...2 hours and 37 minutes. That's shopping for the immediate MajorFamily....MajorParents.....two MajorGrandparents......MajorMotherInLaw....The MajorBarber (it ain't easy keeping MajorDad look so good. Thanks, Paula!)

Get out there...take care of your friends and family, but don't forget those that are less fortunate than you. I still have money burning in my pocket...looking for a good cause. I wanted to try and track down the guy here at Fort Hood that's being given a bureaucratic runaround after losing an arm in Iraq and either voluntarily or involuntarily separating from the service. If anyone out there in the blogosphere can point me in the right direction, I'd say he's a prime candidate, but I'm open to suggestion at this point.

Merry Christmas, y'all from the high ground.

MajorDad and the entire MajorFamily

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Homespun Blogger Symposium Q & A

What do you believe is necessary for true racial reconciliation to take place in American society?

I think that we should all just "get along" to quote that famous man, Rodney King.

Honestly, until we're all ready to play on a level playing field...and admit that we've had enough time pass since the civil rights movement of the 1960s, the issue will truly never be reconciled. The same goes for any race, be it Hispanic, Korean, Vietnamese, Arab or Jew. If you live're an American! No hyphenated Americans would be a GREAT start!

Does your solution involve coercive governmental remedies?

No...unless of course that we truly treat people equally. I think that it is very condescending and offensive to treat races differntly to artificially make up for wrongs committed generations ago. No more quotas, no more special privileges or handouts.

Do you believe that Churches have an important role to play in this process?

Of course they do...when it comes to loving others as we love ourselves. I don't know that we learn bad lessons in church, but of course there are some churches out there that have a long way to go when it comes to practicing what they preach.

Short but I think sweet answers.

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