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The Bush Mandate...

What does it take for the average Democrat to accept the results of the democratic electoral process we currently follow in this country? Their candidate has to win!

It's been four days now since George W. Bush defeated Senator John Kerry and just this morning I read former President Bill Clinton's assessment...and I think that he got it pretty much right.

Paraphrasing him...

1. The "Soccer Moms" became the "Security Moms" after 9/11/01. It was very clear in the polling that people trusted our national security to Mr. Bush much more so than Mr. Kerry.

2. The Republicans had a great message and they were very effective in getting that message out to the people. All the social programs in the world will mean nothing to those that need them if the government and our nation are under attack by radical Islam. We need to take care of keeping out the wolves and foxes before we start worrying about the condition of the "henhouse." Mr. Kerry wanted to negotiate with the wolves....and seek assistance from henhouses too far away to assist us.

3. The Republicans had a much more likeable candidate. Again, polling bears this out. While being liked isn't required to be a good does when you have to be elected to the position. Mr. Bush appears to be a "real guy" to male voters....someone we could tip a beer with while we waited for the meat to char at a female voters, Mr. Bush appears to be a very loving husband and devoted father. On the other hand...Mr. Kerry takes opportunities to show it "guyness" by snowboarding (at Vail, CO of all places) and sailboarding off of Martha's Vineyard...a couple of things that most "real men" have never done. On the other hand, women may see him as being guilty of marrying "heiresses" multiple counts.

Now where do we go from here?

I maintain that we should accept the vote of the people...and yes, I believe that a majority of the popular vote should deliver a mandate to our leader for the next four years. The last candidate to carry more than 50% of the vote was Mr. Bush' father, in 1988. If this isn't a mandate, I don't know that we have them anymore.

I believe that we need to put the partisan name calling behind us. Democrats, back off your drumbeat of calling the "Red States" a bunch of evangelical Christian, Walmart shopping morons. It's not fair and you know it. For those of us in the "Red States" we must be sensitive to the causes that might not be at the top of our even a liberal Democrat can have a good idea now and again.

From the healing ground...


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At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree some with what you're saying actually. Bush did win and under our current system of government that makes him the pres. I'm sure me and you would disagree on tons of issues, me being a supporter of direct democrasy and a supporter of the revoking of corporate personhood and a return to the corporate rules of very early america and you being a republican as far as I can tell. I do agree with you here, name calling, bitching and whining does no good at all. If someone wants change they need to get up and move for it, not sit back whining because things didn't work out how they wanted.

Wow, I'm agreeing with a republican, who would have thunk it? LOL

May the Ancestors bless you and may you find peace,


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